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Alpha-glycerophosphocholine (also known as Alpha-GPC or α-GPC) is one of the cholinergic compounds used as a dietary supplement to promote the brain’s cognitive and memory related abilities. It increases the rate of energy production in the muscles and is hence used by the athletes to attain higher energy levels. Other uses include the use as a general nerve tonic to prevent the decline in cognitive abilities with age as it helps strengthen the nerves by slowing down their aging and neutralizing the toxins that enter the body and affect the nervous system. Though it is present in a number of foods naturally but the benefits can only be gained by taking higher amounts of the substance as a dietary supplement. Historical Context

Choline and related compounds have long been regarded as potent nerve tonics and general cognitive enhancers. The Alpha-GPC is present in a number of diets we use in the daily life but to get the most benefits from it, the chemical must be consumed in higher doses which means supplements are the best source to get the most from this chemical. It is one of the most frequently prescribed choline based supplements in the United States and Europe and has proven results.

Mode of Action

As stated earlier, the substance is not an active stimulant or enhancer in its own but it does the function in the body by producing choline which is one of the most effective stimulants and brain activity enhancers. It has 40% choline by weight and once in the body, the chemical releases choline and that is the stimulant that increases the brain activity, especially affecting the parts of brain related to higher order thinking and decision making. It also cleans the pathogenic and toxic substances from the blood and cerebral fluid, hence safeguarding the brain against the external and internal harms. Auxiliary effects include an increase in the secretion of growth hormone in the body which increases the metabolic rate and hence the rate of energy production in the body. It can help a person exert more and fatigue less.


The effects of the supplement on the body are both temporary and permanent. The most prominent effects include but are not limited to

  • Increased activity of body as well as the brain
  • Increased level of energy in the body and especially the skeletal muscle system
  • Higher cognitive ability and memory power both immediately after the use and permanently after prolonged use of the supplement
  • In people having a family history of dementia and Alzheimer’s, the onset of these diseases has been prevented by using the supplement
  • It is especially useful for people of elder ages in terms of preserving the brain and nervous system and safeguarding it against toxins/pathogens
Side Notes

Alpha-GPC, the substance has been marked safe for adults of all ages. The recommended dose is between 300 to 600 milligrams per day. The onset of the effects is almost immediately after the intake of the supplement as with most of the choline based supplements.

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