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Racetams are the most important group of nootropic compounds. This whole family is known for its miraculous properties as nerve tonics and cognitive enhancers. This chemical here, Nefiracetam, is a source of both GABA and choline. Long term use has proven it to be both a cognitive enhancer and a neuro-protective. The molecular structure of the chemical is similar to Piracetam. It was initially developed as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease but is now being used as a dietary supplement mainly because of a number of benefits associated with it.

Historical Context

Nefiracetam is not occurring in the nature and is solely made synthetically in the laboratory. The chemical is basically a hydrophobic derivative of Piracetam. It was developed originally as a brain and nerve tonic and nerve strengthening agent and is now being used as a dietary supplement not only to improve the brain and nerve health but also to enhance general cognitive and motor abilities of the brain. In the general medical practice, the use of this chemical as a muscle tonic and cognitive enhancer has proven to be very beneficial. Mode of Action Nefiracetam itself is not an active agent. It yields both GABA and Choline in the blood stream which can pass the blood-brain protective barrier to go to the brain and nerves to cause the effects witnessed with the use of Nefiracetam. The mode of action of Nefiracetam includes the mode of action of both GABA and choline. Choline is a neurotransmitter and GABA is a nerve tonic. Choline enables the nerves communicate effectively whereas the function of GABA is to improve their health. The combination of both is a really amazing one. It enhances the functionality of the brain, meanwhile also strengthens its components.


As the chemical is a source of both GABA and choline in the blood stream, the effects on the central nervous system are phenomenal. The most prominent effects of the supplement on the body are

  • It has been proven to improve the memory and thinking ability of the users both instantly after the use of the supplement and permanently with continued use
  • It increases the sense of focus and concentration immediately after the use.
  • It has nerve tonic properties and increases the health span of the nerves hence sustaining the abilities of the brain for a longer age
  • It prevents the onset of a number of brain disorders including Parkinson’s disease
  • It has been found to improve the nerve health in the brain as well as the spinal cord preventing nerve generated pains like sciatica
  • Nefiracetam is also found to be effective in enabling the user learn languages easily by improving the functional abilities of the speech center of the brain
Side Notes

In the laboratory studies and practice have found no adverse effects of the chemical of the body on any of the systems of the body. The safe dose of the chemical is 0.8 to 1.8 mg per kilogram of body weight. The use of this chemical in breast feeding and pregnant women has not been studies yet. It can be used by such persons under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner. The chemical has also not been found to have unhealthy interactions with the normal hormonal balance of the body.

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