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Noopept is chemically N-phenyl-acetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It is one of the most widely used cognitive enhancers used both in the USA and Russia and is patented in both of the countries. The main use of this supplement is to enhance the analytic and cognitive abilities of the brain to help the user concentrate better on a given task.

Mechanism of Action

Noopept is not technically a racetam but due to the mode of action and effects it has, it is generally classified in the racetam family. The supplement works by the modulation of the AMPA receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. Studies have suggested that Noopept is 1000 times more potent than traditionally used racetams. Actually, Noopept has no effect of its own. It is the precursor for the peptide cycloprolylglycine which causes the effects noticed after its use. As soon as 25 minutes after the oral dose, Noopept is not present in the plasma of the individual. It breaks down into cycloprolylglycine which is the actual active agent.


Studies in animals have shown that the use of the supplement increases the growth of nerve tips and also aids the body to increase the protective cover on the nerves, preventing anything from damaging them. The use of the drug has not only shown improvement in people with decreased motor and cognitive power but has also helped to improve the motor and cognitive abilities of normal individuals. The general effects noted in physically and mentally normal humans are:

  • Increased cognitive abilities
  • Better motor coordination
  • Increase of motor and cognitive ability with continued use
Dosage and Life

The supplement gives a steady 10-33 microgram per liter of Noopept concentration after a single oral dose of 20 mg within an hour of administering it. The half-life of the chemical in the blood is generally one hour after which it starts to break down and is excreted from the body by the kidneys via urine. Keeping all this in mind, a dose of 20 mg is enough for an adult to work for the next 3 to 4 hours. Because the active ingredient has a short half-life, 2 to 4 doses may be required daily to keep the mind alert at all times.

Who can use it?

It is a common misconception that must be eliminated that the supplements are meant only for the people with limited mental ability. The supplements are actually meant for normal people to help them do the normal everyday work with better precision, accuracy, and focus. Noopept has been proven to increase focus, creativity, and memory. It can be used by

  • Students preparing for exam
  • Designers and programmers doing creative work
  • People who need to have sharp memory for any purpose
  • People who have to operate complicated machinery

Most of the psychoactive supplements have been noticed to induce dependence or addiction. Noopept has been studied in the lab on animals as well as human volunteers and no evidence of addiction or dependence have been found so far.

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