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Oxiracetam is among the three first-tier Racetams. Oxiracetam is one of the most important racetams. It is regarded as some of the best nerve tonics and cognitive enhancers known till date. It has no known natural sources. It is a chemical food supplement developed in the laboratory solely to enhance the cognitive abilities and aid motor function. The scientific name of the chemical is 4-hydroxy-2-oxo-pyrrolidinoacetamide. It is a chemical derivative of the parent compound known as Piracetam (2-oxo-1-pyrrolidinoacetamide). Its function in the body is analogous to that of GABA as a supplement.

Historical Context

Racetams are some of the most regarded and most widely used synthetic cognitive enhancers and nerve tonics. These are not found naturally but are prepared in the laboratory. Piracetam is one of the earliest racetams and Oxiracetam is a chemical derivative of Piracetam. Oxiracetam is being used as a potent cognitive enhancer since last ten years and the results have been very promising.

Mode of Action

Oxiracetam acts in the same manner as GABA. It aids the phosphor lipid metabolism of the body and positively modulates the AMP receptors. It also stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the body leading to a better functional capacity of the brain and nervous system. Increase in the secretion of glutamate and D-Aspartic Acid from the hippocampal cells is also observed in the users indicating a better long term memory capacity as well as focusing and concentrating ability. It also stimulates the secretion of testosterone leading to increased sexual ability.


All the racetams are known to have phenomenal effects on the human body. The main effects of the supplement are on the brain and nervous system and there are also some effects on the other body parts and systems. The main effects of the supplement as observed in the users are

  • The users reported highly activated states of mind and better cognitive and focusing abilities after using the supplement
  • The users also reported that they were able to sharpen their long term memories and felt an elevated state of cognitive ability even when they had not taken a dose of the supplement recently
  • Some users also reported better sexual ability after using the supplement.
  • Oxiracetam has also been found to have positive effects on the liver by aiding the metabolism of lipids and phospholipid compounds
Side Notes

The Substance has not shown any side effects in human subjects as well as lab animals when used according to the prescribed dosage. Over-dosage may lead to increased sleep and disrupted daily sleep-wake cycle which can be corrected with a little effort. It creates temporary effects on the brain just after use but they can be permanent if the product is used on a permanent basis. When used with other supplements, it has never been found to have a negative interaction with any of them. Some studies have also found out increased quality of sleep with permanent use. The supplement has been inspected to stay for about 24 hours in the body hence one dose every 24 hours is enough.

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