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Phosphatidylserine is also known as BC-PS, Bovine Cortex Phosphatidylserine, Bovine Phosphatidylserine, Fosfatidilserina, LECI-PS, Lecithin Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidylsérine, Phosphatidylsérine Bovine, Phosphatidylsérine de Soya, Phosphatidyl Serine, PS, PtdSer, Soy-PS and Soy P. It is an important brain chemical that the human body can make on its own but gets the most of it from the foods. It is used as a mental function booster and a nerve tonic. It has proven effects in both of the domains. The supplement has been used to prevent the onset of a n umber of genetic diseases of the brain and has been found to be 100% effective.

Historical Context

The use of Phosphatidylsérine started initially in the start of the 20th century. Initially Phosphatidylsérine was obtained from cow brains but later due to the discovery of Mad Cow Disease it was feared that the supplement obtained from that source may conduct the disease to the humans and hence the supplement is being prepared from some plant based sources and in the laboratory. The effectiveness of the supplement has been studied through a number of tests in the lab as well as in practice. Recently the plant sources account for most of the Phosphatidylsérine being used in practice as a supplement.

Mechanism of Action

Phosphatidylsérine is an important component of the cellular membranes which are involved in the transformation of energy to useful forms for the body. As our brains demand the highest levels of energy in the body, the availability of lots of energy makes them work in a better way. The chemical helps the brain harvest the most amount of useful energy from the organic compounds like glucose and fats etc. In this way the brain has a constant supple of energy which enables it perform better in any given condition. The overall results are better mental function and healthier nerve cells.


By providing the brain with useful energy, the chemical surely increases the working power of the brain and hence the user of the supplement can have higher cognitive and motor abilities. The most evident effects of the supplement on a normal human are

  • The users have reported higher brain abilities and better ability to focus on a given problem when they had used the supplement. The findings have been confirmed by the electroencephalographic studies of the subjects’ brains
  • The supplement has also shown to accelerate the nerve cells’ process of recovery from injury or damage.
  • There has been a decrease possibility of onset of genetic brain disorders in the users of the supplement
  • The users of older ages reported that they felt as mentally active as they did in their younger ages
Side Notes

The substance has been marked safe for use by adults of all ages. No known allergies to the substance are there. When used as per prescribed by the doctor or as guided in the literature of the supplement, no user has developed any dependence to the supplement. All the findings about the supplement are backed by laboratory evidences.

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