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Just like all the other racetams, the compound Pramiracetam is also a synthetic dietary supplement developed to enhance brain activity and abilities. The main difference in this chemical and other racetams is that it enhances the long-term memory chiefly unlike the others. Most of the other racetams are known to increase the cognitive function. It is basically a derivative of the more commonly used racetam called the Piracetam. The amide in Piracetam is replaced with a dipropan-2-ylaminoethyl to get Pramiracetam. It has been mentioned in a number of research journals as a recognized mental booster and cognitive enhancer.

Historical Context

Racetams are the class of the most important artificially made mental function boosters and nerve tonics. They are in practice since many decades and have proven results. Pramiracetam is prepared from the oldest racetam compound known as Piracetam. It was developed in the laboratory for the first time in 1984. Ever since its creation it has been a much liked supplement among physicians and neurologists. The efficiency of the supplement has been investigated through a number of researches and it has shown no harmful effects.

Mode of Action

Pramiracetam acts essentially in the same way as Piracetam i.e. it cleans the toxins built up in the nervous system and hence helps the nerve cells have longer life span and function properly. The major difference is that Pramiracetam can cross the blood-brain protective barrier and enter the brain where it can act on the nerve cells directly.


The users of the supplement have shown the following effects upon use of the supplement as per directed by the physicians

  • The subjects have shown better brain functionality in both cognitive and motor domains
  • The users who used the supplement on a regular basis for extended periods of time have shown decreased rates of aging of the nerve tissue
  • In the users of older ages, the supplement helps repair the worn out nerves, hence restoring the normal mental capacity in the older ages
  • The users with a genetic predisposition of inherited mental disorders managed to prevent the onset of the diseases by using the supplement
  • It also speeds up the process of repair of nerves after trauma or cell death
  • Some studies also state that it can help the regrowth of the nerve cells which was once considered impossible in the medical science
Side Notes

Human studies have suggested that the substance has no side effects when used within the prescribed limits. Electroencephalographs of the subjects who have used the substance have shown higher degree of activity of the brain than the control subjects of the same age and sex. The safe dosage is determined depending on a number of variables such as age, sex, height weight and health of the user. Half-life in normal adults is up to 6 hours and hence two doses every 24 hours can be enough. Best results have been observed in the users using it for continuous period of more than six months.

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