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Magnesium Threonate

The man has always wanted to excel the abilities bestowed upon him by the Mother Nature. The greatest gift of nature for us is our elevated mental ability and in fact, this is the thing that distinguishes the human race from all the other creatures of the universe. It is our duty and desire to take the best care of our minds. A number of natural and artificial supplements have long been used by the humans to increase the mental functions and one of these is Magnesium Threonate. It is not only a supplement but actually it is one of the most important minerals needed by the body to function properly. Magnesium Threonate is the second most abundant mineral electrolyte in the human body. The point to be worried about is that even in this age a large percentage of the people of the developed nations are living with a deficiency of magnesium Threonate and this takes a negative toll on the body especially the central nervous system.

Historical Context

The importance of the chemical as a dietary component was witnessed by the ancient physicians very long ago. Though at that time they were not aware of the exact composition of the salt but they emphasized that one must take adequate amount of the salt in the daily diet. The 20th century marked the advancement of medical science and it was this time when the researchers discovered that the chemical can be given as a food supplement to augment the functions of the brain.

Mode of Action Magnesium ions are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses across the central and peripheral nervous system. The nerve cells actually conduct by the varying concentrations of sodium and magnesium ions. The deficiency of magnesium hinders the proper function of the nerve impulses and hence the brain abilities are retarded. To overcome such situations, a normal level of the mineral must be maintained in the body. Magnesium Threonate increases the mental capacity by decreasing the response time of the nerves. The brain can think faster in any given conditions and the effects of this thing can be witnessed both in the cognitive and motor domain.


The most evident clinical evidence of the effects of the supplement is the increased level of magnesium in the blood. This dissolved magnesium helps the body process information and respond to it faster. The overall effect hence is •    Increased mental ability and cognitive power •    Improved motor abilities and coordination •    Better production and distribution of energy within the brain which results in better working of the brain Apart from these, researchers have also found that with prolonged continuous use of the supplement, bones tend to be harder and possess higher strength.

Side Notes

The chemical cannot be regarded as a stimulant but very high doses can be slightly sedative. If taken in access, the mineral is wiped out of the body by the kidneys within a maximum of 12 hours. The recommended daily dose for a human adult is 300 milligrams but can be adjusted as needed by the Physician.

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