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Rhodiola Rosae Extracts

Also known as Arctic Root, , Golden Root, Extrait de Rhodiole Hongjingtian, , Lignum Rhodium, King’s Crown Orpin Rose, r, Racine Dorée, Racine d’O Racine de Rhadiola, Rhodiole, Rhodiola rosea, Rhodiole Rougeâtre, , Rose Root, Rodia Riza, Rose Root Extract, Rosenro and many more, the Rhodiola Rosae is a plant of the Crassulaceae family growing in the cold areas. The plant is known for its medical benefits since the times we can trace back to. The plant was known to the ancient man as a source of increasing mental abilities and a number of other bodily abilities.

Historical Context

The plant is native to the European, Asian and Alaskan arctic areas. The people of Iceland, Sweden, Russia, France and Greece have long been using it as a medicinal plant. The Greek Physicians used it as a nerve tonic and a potent food supplement as long ago as the first century AD. The most common name this product is known by is Arctic Root. The raw plant has a number of other chemicals in it besides the Active Agent and an extract is a concentrated form which can be used with no side effects.

Mode of Action

The benefits derived from this supplement are mainly due to its antitoxic effect which helps prevent the damage incurred by the vital body parts due to the toxins we consume in the daily life. The active agents are also found to be highly neuro-productive which means that they help the nerves establish new connections and hence increase their abilities including the cognitive and motor powers. The effects have also been witnessed on the cardiovascular system of the human body increasing the health of the heart tissue and the elasticity of the blood vessels hence smoothening the blood flow in them and reducing the risks of hypertension and blood clotting in the blood vessels.


Rhodiola is known for its effects on all the vital faculties of the body, the most evident effects of the extracts are:

  • Increasing energy, strength, and stamina of the body
  • It is known to increase the mental capacities and general nervous powers of the body
  • It increases the cognitive abilities as well as the motor power increasing power, coordination, focus, and concentration.
  • It strengthens the nerves and enables them to make new dendrites and axons hence increasing the mental capacity permanently.
  • It enables the body mentally and physically adapt to a new set of situations
  • It enables the body to resist a number of ailments of congenital and carcinogenic nature
Side Notes

The effects of Rhodiola have been studied in the lab as well as in practice. The supplement has some really phenomenal results in actual practice and it can be used with no risk as there have been no harmful effects witnessed so far. The half-life of the active agents in the bloodstream of a normal human adult is 2 hours and hence 3 doses in a day are suggested to gain the maximum benefit.

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