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Tyrosine is one of the amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Though the body can make tyrosine by itself, utilizing the other amino acids, yet taking it as a supplement can ease the body of the effort of making the substance. Tyrosine is available in a number of dairy products, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, oats, and wheat. Sometimes, in normal healthy adults, there can be enzymatic problems leading to the inability of the body to make tyrosine. If tyrosine is not made by the body, the proteins which have it as a component can also not be manufactured.

Historical Context

As the substance is present in a number of natural diets, it was never researched very much until the 20th century when it was discovered and its importance was studied in details. Since then it has been recommended by physicians as a food supplement to be used by normal individuals. It aids the body in a number of aspects ranging from improving mental abilities to overcoming insomnia.

How does it work?

The body utilizes the chemical Tyrosine to manufacture chemical messengers that help the brain and nervous system work better. These help the brain communicate between its different parts hence improving the thinking and focus abilities. Some people may have trouble with making the tyrosine in their bodies, hence they cannot make the messengers and they cannot concentrate on a given task. When they are given the tyrosine supplement, they have reported a better sense of focus and higher speed of thinking.


Taking the supplement regularly has shown a number of positive effects in the users

  • People who take tyrosine on a permanent basis have shown increased tendency to avoid depression and hypertension
  • Users have shown extremely increased sense of focus and cognitive abilities after using the supplement for a week
  • It has also been reported by the users to decrease wrinkles of the skin
  • Old aged women have shown increased mental and physical abilities and this effect has been very significant.
  • In some individuals, tyrosine has also shown increased sexual ability
  • Children administered with the supplement have shown increased interest towards the tasks assigned to them.
  • Researchers have found that tyrosine can be effective in increasing memory and alertness of the user.
  • It can help insomniac people sleep at night
  • Sleep deprived drivers and other people can use it to temporarily increase focus
Side Notes

After extensive research and experimentation, it has been found that the supplement has no adverse side effects on the body and there has been no problem regarding the overdose of the product. It is simply an amino acid and there is no problem at all even if it is consumed in higher amounts.

The supplement is also under investigation for its effects on the unborn baby. Some researchers suggest that it can help enhance the mental abilities even when the baby is in the womb but no sufficient evidence is available in this respect.

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