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Uridine is one of the nucleotide bases which is found naturally in beer. It is used by the body to manufacture the cell membranes and is found to have a number of neurological properties. It has cognitive enhancing properties and is known to increase the positive cognitive effects of the fish oil. It is used as a dietary supplement to enhance cognitive functions both for time being and permanently. The body can prepare the substance in small amounts but the major share is taken into the body in foods. Deficiency of the substance may lead to neurological complications and hence its use as a supplement is recommended.

Historical Context

Nucleic acids are the building blocks of the chromosomes in which all the information about a living thing is stored. The nucleic acid Uridine was discovered as ago as 1886 by a French biochemist and their importance for the proper formation and functioning of a human body can never be over stated. In the late 1900’s it was discovered that besides being integral components of the chromosomes, the nucleic acids can also be useful in increasing the general health status of a normal humans and can be helpful in increasing cognitive functionality of the brain. It is found in some amount in all the foods but fish and other meats contain higher amounts of the chemical.

Mode of Action

The nucleic acid Uridine increases the mental abilities by increasing the sensitivity of the neuroreceptors to the neurotransmitters. In this way the coordination and communication system between the cells of the brain improves tremendously. When the brain cells can communicate better, it means that they can process the information better and work better in coordination. The chemical also allows the cells extend the dendrite and axon connections to the nearby cells hence further increasing the working abilities of the brain and also the peripheral nervous system for better cognitive as well as motor functions.


The effects of Uridine on the body and especially the nervous system are easily noticeable. These include but are not limited to     * It increases the general cognitive ability of the user     * It increase the sense of focus and concentration of the user     * It increases the memory power of the user, enabling them to memorize things faster     * It increases the long term memory of the user. It means that once a thing is memorized, the person will never forget it.     * It has some permanent increase in the memory and cognition too which is noticeable with permanent long term use

Side Notes

As Uridine is a component of the body itself, it causes no harm to the body at all and is totally safe to be used by adults. The daily dosage is calculated taking in to account a number of variables including but not limited to the age, weight and height of the user. It has been noted that the greater benefits are obtained by using the supplement on permanent basis.


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