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“Nootropics Are To Your Brain What Glasses Are To Your Eyes” – Tomas Borda BrainBoost LTD Director

If you are unsure how to stack Nootropics yourself and do not want to take any risks the  GOLDEN THINKER ® Master Formulation is the safest choice.

THE THINKER ® Is a Master Nootropic formulation  “stack” of 9 scientifically proven Nootropics compressed into one single capsule. 

Our ingredients are strategically combined to optimize your cognitive function by supplying to your brain the building blocks for neurotransmitters and the stimulation your brain needs. You will feel like “in your best days everyday” and your performance boost will give you the rewards you are looking for at college, at work and in your daily activities.

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Since I started taking The Thinker supplement I noticed that my mental endurance and ability to retain information had improved dramatically. I would wholeheartedly recommend this supplement to anyone who has a hectic and demanding lifestyle. Also task performance was sharper and more competent.
excellent, It greatly improves my concentration in my studies. I recommend it!!!
Rancord y
Rancord y
Excelente producto! Llegó rapido y sin incovenientes. Lo recomiendo.
gonzalo bronzoni
gonzalo bronzoni
Fast delivery, good packaging, recommendable
Elisa Jaír
Elisa Jaír
Producto muy bueno .. llego a tiempo.. lo estoy probando
Cristina Piñero
Cristina Piñero

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The human brain is the most complex object known to mankind, it is the most powerful in terms of processing information, and it is the core of our existence and what differentiates us from other species.p

brain food supplement
 3D View

THE THINKER ® - FOOD SUPPLEMENT is a combination of molecules that act synergistically in helping you to support your cognitive performance (focus, memory, mood, motivation, decision making) in a 60 capsules presentation.

Our brains are composed of trillions of neurons that are interconnected by pieces of communicative machinery called ‘axons’ and ‘dendrites’.

Using these structures, neurons can communicate with each other both electrically and chemically. Axons and dendrites propagate electrical signals which allow for neuronal communication, and trigger the release of ‘neurotransmitters’. These neurotransmitters are highly specialized molecules that operate in the post-synaptic space to influence neuronal activity and modulate network communication. Supplying the brain with the master formulation of THE THINKER ® offers an opportunity to optimize levels of these neurotransmitters and improve neuronal network communication by supplying neurotransmitter precursors. 

The following animation depicts how neurotransmitters work in the communication between neurons acting in the inter-synaptic space. A correct neurotransmitter balance will give you the boost you need to outperform.

Communication between two neurons showing neurotransmitters in the inter-synaptic space. The white light dots are neurotransmitters that modulate the communication. THE THINKER ® helps to support your cognitive performance by giving  your brain the bricks it needs to naturally build neurotransmitters.  

How Does this science translate into real life ? 
Customers usually report these types of experiences in which they are able to see different possibilities of problem-solving that they feel they would not have seen before taking nootropics.

“Nootropics Are To The Brain What Glasses Are To Your Eyes”

Imagine how positively a new generation of products and new fields in neuroscience that helps you to see further would impact your everyday life and activities helping you achieve your goals and gives you the best version of of yourself.


In two capsules

Standardized formulation (min. 20% caffeine and opt. catechins) Since ancient ages, it has been believed that drinking green tea stimulate relaxation and moderation. Several experimental and human studies have shown that green tea and tea polyphenols (which include catechins and their derivatives), may help to provide brain activities as well as whole body. To obtain its beneficial properties on our body, standardized green tea formulation can be taken daily.

Choline helps to improve cognitive performance by the way of being an essential precursor molecule for acetylcholine synthesis. Choline bitartrate is uniquely qualified for the intensive task of brain cell communication as well as maintaining the synaptic connections of neurons and signaling functions of cell membranes. Also, choline supply either helps to support cognitive performance or assistance to relieve memory deficits.

Choline helps to improve cognitive performance by the way of being an essential precursor molecule for acetylcholine synthesis. Choline bitartrate is uniquely qualified for the intensive task of brain cell communication as well as maintaining the synaptic connections of neurons and signaling functions of cell membranes. Also, choline supply either helps to support cognitive performance or assistance to relieve memory deficits.

R. rosea has been consuming to stimulate and maintain crucial neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It can also support these neurotransmitters by the way of helping their transport across the brain from blood. Due to its acetylcholine-protective and antioxidant properties , Rhodiola may help with mental progressing decline. There is also scientific data assert that R. rosea can help to improve cognitive skills which are declined by stress related hormones. R. rosea also has known as its enhancing work capacity performance and reducing recovery time after exhaustive exercise/physical work.

Acetyl L-carnitine form is one of the carnitine formulation which help to provide brain functions and crosses blood-brain barrier more efficiently. As reported in the majority of studies, an increase in maximal oxygen consumption and a lowering of the respiratory quotient indicate that carnitine has the potential to induce lipid metabolism. So, L-carnitine plays a crucial role in the production of energy by mitochondrial pathway. Also L-carnitine supplementation can attenuate the deleterious effects of hypoxic training and speed up recovery from post exercise stress.

Alpha brain waves, related with alert relaxation and improved creativity, can be increased thanks to L-Theanine supplementation. L-Theanine has been suggested by scientist to modulate the brain’s occipital and parietal regions that indicates relaxation without causing drowsiness. Also it has taken into account that L-theanine gives opportunity to caffeine for showing brain-boosting activity without letting it increase blood pressure or induce anxiety.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that used as nutritional supplement. It has nootropic effect which help to augment brain function, improve the mood. Also L-Tyrosine help you to combat stress related cognitive declines such as depression. Our brain vitally need L-Tyrosine, because it is a precursor for three fundamental neurotransmitters: dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. When excessive stress or working hard have reduced brain’s neurotransmitter stores, L-Tyrosine supplementation could help to reload them, allowing you to endure mentally sharp.

Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, is one of the most vital vitamin for human life. This vitamin is necessary for converting foods into energy, so neurons and other cells are starving to B5.

Thiamin is essential molecule for mitochondrial energy metabolism. Clinical studies have reported that an improvement detected with thiamine consumption such as being more clearheaded, composed and energetic. Although using of thiamine had no influence on memory, reaction times of individuals were detected faster following the supplementation of thiamine

Vitamin-B12 is an essential molecule of normal physiological body and brain functioning. Lack of this vitamin can not be tolareted and cognitive defictions may be occur such as forgetfulness, amnesia and remembering problems. In addition to nervous system, vitamin-B12 also contributes to physological functioning of red blood cells, energy yielding metabolism







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The GOLDEN THINKER® products are Ideal for competitors in situations where mental speed, calm decision-making, and strategic thinking in critical moments make a difference.
If you are a chess player, it is great to have the boost you need to outperform.

GOLDEN THINKER ® Helps them!

The GOLDEN THINKER ® products promote your cognitive brain performance. Its synergistic effect is capable of enhancing your physical and mental performance by helping you to support a healthy connection between our mind and muscular system. More motivation. More willpower. More intensity More focus.

GOLDEN THINKER ® Helps them!

THE GOLDEN THINKER ® Is ideal for Senior Citizens who need help in supplementing their memory, focus, mood, and motivation, very important at an advanced age when the cognitive degeneration begins to happen, and people start to experience more “at the tip of the tongue” events and forgetfulness in general.

GOLDEN THINKER ® Helps them!

It is ideal for you that you are under pressure, you need to remember, memorize, and concentrate. It helps you stay focused and awake to meet deadlines and prepare for stressful exams, safely with a safe product.

GOLDEN THINKER ® Helps them!

THE GOLDEN THINKER ® Is great for meditators who want to achieve higher levels of mindfulness naturally and with MUCH LESS effort. When you concentrate you will be able to explore the anatomy of your thoughts and your emotions while contemplating how they vanish like waves in the ocean and being aware that they are not permanent and thus only part of the illusion while focusing on the empty nature of the mind. Focus on the ocean and not the impermanent waves.


GOLDEN THINKER ® Is great for gamers! Gamers need a sharp mind with improved reaction times in order to beat their opponents and keep themselves awake. Supplement yourself and you will have an advantage over your competitors in a natural and safe way.

GOLDEN THINKER ® Helps Gamers!

Wake Up The Thinker In You

Golden Thinker ® is a human being like you and me but He is fully evolved. His mission is to help current humans become smarter. Whenever an intellectual challenge comes up, close your eyes, put your hand in your chin, visualize his Golden Light and say: THINKER THINKER, THINKER WAKE UP.

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