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THE THINKER ® or GOLDEN THINKER ® is a brain food supplement designed to keep
you focus, give you energy, and enhance cognitive and psychological function.


The product claim is that it “helps in supporting your intellectual performance”.


Many customers taking THE THINKER®, report an increase
of energy, and motivation.

How many capsules should I take?

Our directions say one or two capsules daily. You can start
using one, and if you feel good, go for more.


People experiences are different, but you can experiment
taking it at different time, different amounts.

How long will my order ship?

We ship the next day the order is placed and we supply you with the corresponding tracking code. 

Does THE THINKER ® meet all government regulations?

THE THINKER ® is manufactured in a euGMP/British
BRC/ISO22000/HACCP certified laboratory, and it is
classified as a Food Supplement by Irish HPRA and

How many capsules or servings does one bottle have?

Each bottle comes with 60 capsules of THE
THINKER® or 30 servings.



Does THE THINKER ® have any side effects?

We have not received any negative side effects reports at the moment. Even though as usual we advise not to use THE THINKER ® if you are under pregnancy, or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we recommend you ask your doctor.

Can I take THE THINKER® with my prescription medication?

You should ask your doctor about any possible interaction. Even though our supplement comes in a veggie capsules form, it is a Food Supplement, and not a drug.

Like any food, it is good or bad for some people, taking certain medications.

Is THE THINKER® suitable for vegetarians?

THE THINKER® is pefect for Vegetarias as we have no animal sources. 😃



What should I expect after taking THE THINKER®?

THE THINKER® was scientifically developed with ingredients that give you energy, and support your mental and cognitive performance in a safe way. While people might have different experiences since we all have unique brain chemistry, many of our customers report experiencing increased focus, and long-lasting energy while taking THE THINKER® daily. At first, it feels like a calm energy drink, and then you will notice an overall improvement in your cognition including memory after the third week. Things like learning languages become easier and you get less word at the tip of the tongue episodes.

What payment methods do you accept ?

You can safely pay using any credit/debit card/PayPal/CryptoCurrency

What is the bottle made of?

Our bottles are made of beautiful golden aluminum, passing all Food Contact Materials compliance. Many people love our bottles and they keep them to store different things.

Does THE THINKER® have any medicinal properties?

THE THINKER® is a designed to fit in the classification of a Food Supplement, so our
product is purely Nutritional and does not have any medicinal properties.

Do you recommend drink coffee whan taking THE THINKER®?

You can drink as much coffee as you want. Even tough THE THINKER® already has some
caffeine, one of its components L-Theanine, removes the side effects of the caffeine, like
jittering, acting in a synergetic way. So you will feel, calm, and full of energy.

What countries do you ship?

We deliver to the following countries:


Golden Thinker ® is a human being like you and me but He is fully evolved. His mission is to help current humans become smarter. Whenever an intellectual challenge comes up, close your eyes, put your hand in your chin, visualize his Golden Light and say: THINKER THINKER, THINKER WAKE UP.




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