Bad habits and the brain

April 02, 2020
Bad habits and the brain

New Research Points Out the Habits Destroying Our Brains

The brain is the most important and the most complicated organ in our body. In fact our personality, thinking and self are all based on our brain and all the other organs are there to aid the brain in its existence and functionality.

The brain itself is a delicate organ that can be damaged with slightest imbalance in the chemical and physical health of the body.

It has been noted in a study that recently the occurrence of brain related diseases has increased very much. It is mainly because of the life habits we have developed in the recent past. The top habits marked by the researched as Dangerous for the health and well-being of the brain are

Brain Damaging Habits and Self Destructing Behaviours

1. Being Alcoholic

Small amounts of alcohol consumed occasionally are actually helpful for maintaining the proper health of the brain because the alcohol reduces the stress on the brain and lets it relax. Consuming too much alcohol regularly harms the brain cells especially in the medulla and can even be toxic. To maintain good mental health, abstain from being alcoholic.

2. Sleep Deprivation

Adequate sleep (8 hours on an average) is necessary to maintain the good health of all the body parts but brain needs it the most. The brain cells generate some chemicals in the normal metabolism which are harmful for it and it needs to shutdown in order to clean them away. If you don’t sleep and let the brain rest, you can easily feel decline in mental function over time. If such a habit is continued for too long, the brain may be damaged permanently.

3. Multitasking

Our brains are designed to work with enormous abilities but they are not designed to multitask. They are programmed and constructed to do one task at a time. If you try to listen to music and read a book at the same time, the chances are that you can’t but even if you try to do that, this will be seriously harmful for your brain to push it beyond its functional limits.

4. Breakfast Brain

Skipping Breakfast Brain is the largest consumer of energy in the body. It needs a constant supply of high levels of energy to function properly. If you skip breakfast or remain hungry for long times, the lack of glucose in the blood can adversely affect the functional capabilities of the brain. It is highly recommended by the doctors to have a healthy breakfast every day.

5. Smoking

Smoking is detrimental for heart and lungs that is publicly known but it also harms the smoker’s brain that is a lesser known fact. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which is a brain and CNS stimulant. Constantly stimulating the brain causes it to over-function and deteriorate with time. Smokers have a greater tendency of having Alzheimer’s disease. Smoke also contains carbon monoxide which decreases the rate of oxygen delivery to the brain causing cellular damage and other complications.

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