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Krill is a tiny shrimp-like animal found in the see. The word krill literally means ‘Whale food’ because many of the whale species eat krill as the primary food. The word krill is of Norwegian origin. Krill oil is extracted from the Krill and sold in capsules as a food supplement. Most of the krill oil in the market is extracted from the Antarctic Krill known scientifically as Euphausia superba.

Krill oil has been found to be an excellent supplement and it helps the body prevent the conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, depression, premenstrual syndrome. Some people also suggest that it can help reduce the pain of menses.

Historical Context

The use of krill oil is traced as long as 1000 years ago. Since that time it is regarded as an important dietary supplement which aids the body to improve a number of bodily functions. Since the last century, people have been purifying and selling it as a commercial supplement.

Mode of Action

The Krill oil has the same components as the fish oil. These help the body decrease swelling, lower the level of LDL cholesterol and make the fats needed to cover the nerves up hence increasing the protection of the nerves. This also improves the insulation of the nerves hence improving the conduction of nerve impulses in the body. It also helps the body manufacture the protective fat coating of the nerves which is necessary to protect the nerves against external and internal damage.


The effects of Krill oil on the body include but are not limited to

  • Decreasing the concentration of LDL Cholesterol in the body by dissolving it and disposing it off.
  • It also increases the HDL Cholesterols in the body which are important in the proper functions of steroid based hormones in the body
  • It reduces the chances of arthritis
  • In people of older ages, the oil has been proven very useful to improve mental abilities and motor power.
  • People of all ages have reported better thinking ability when they have taken the supplement.

All the effects of the krill oil have been observed and verified in lab tests and in practice in the general population. Enough evidence is present to prove all these benefits of the krill oil. Side Notes

Krill oil has been marked safe for all people of almost all the ages except the cases where an individual may have any known allergy to it. For the people starting to use it for the first time, there may be some minor side effects like heartburns and disturbed stomach as the body adapts to the new food supplement.

There is no fixed dosage of the supplement set by the physicians. The dosage is determined depending on the general health and weight of the user.

The effects of the oil start to be visible in the body after some weeks of continuous use. The users are advised to use it for at least 4 weeks before they can judge the performance.

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