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Huperzine A is a dietary supplement derived from the plant known as Chinese club moss. The manufacturing process starts with the plant and has a long chain of laboratory processes which sum up to yield the Huperzine A. The supplement is better than using the herb as such because it contains only the active agents and not a number of other chemicals present in the herb. Care must be taken with the name. Some companies are manufacturing different drugs with Huperzine as the brand name. Huperzine we are referring to here is NOT A DRUG but just a dietary supplement used chiefly to enhance the brain’s cognitive functions.

Historical Context

Evidence shows that the ancient Chinese scholars, players, and martial artists used the Chinese club moss to enhance their memory, cognitive abilities and motor function. The active agents of the club moss were identified and purified in the late 20th century and since then thousands of people have been benefitting from the substance.

Mode of Action

The supplement increases the levels of acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter; the brain uses to transmit the signals to the peripheral nervous system. The levels of this chemical can fall below normal in ordinary people for no big reason. Huperzine A can bring the levels of the acetylcholine back to the normal level and hence it enables the body to have a better motor control as well as the cognitive and focusing ability. It does not only affect the cognitive abilities but it is also a lot useful in the development of motor nerves resulting in the better coordination of the body muscles and a better ability to respond to any given stimulus.


The effects of this supplement on the body are most evident and come up very sharp. After as less as some minutes of taking the dose, the user feels

  • Increased analytical ability
  • Increased sense of focus
  • Increased motor control and voluntary ability
  • Higher state of alertness
  • Enhanced memory

The supplement proves useful for students and other people having high brain activity as the prolonged use of the supplement increases the overall ability of the brain to think even when the active agent is not present in the body.

Side Note

The supplement Huperzine A is soluble in water and hence it does not need to be taken with food. Taking it with normal drinking water will be enough. It shows a bit different behavior in the body. The initial levels in the body reach to the peak level quite early even in the case of oral intake and the half-life is also as long as 5 hours so the effects of the supplement remain for a longer time in the body.

The substance has not been found harmful to humans or even animals in any way until and unless the safe dosage and handling terms are not overlooked by the user. The supplement also helps prevent a number of nerve-related problems.

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