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Pterostilbene is a dimethylated derivative of the widely used cognitive enhancer called resveratrol. It is basically an improved and enriched form of resveratrol. It has a better absorption rate in the brain and acts better with the brain metabolism to enhance its function. It is often even referred to as “Improved Resveratrol” in the market. Though it is manufactured synthetically in the lab, the compound is found in blueberries in traces. The effects of the compound on the human nervous system and especially the brain is similar to that of resveratrol and the only difference is that it affects faster and is more effective.

Historical Context

The substance is prepared in the laboratory and does not occur in nature. It is prepared by adding two methyl groups to the resveratrol molecule. Resveratrol is found in nature in the Blueberries. The reason why that is done is because due to this addition, the chemical can be better absorbed in the nervous system. The pterostilbene supplement was developed to make a compound that can go beyond the blood-brain protective barrier and can act on the brain on a cellular level. It is being used as a cognitive enhancer and nerve tonic since long and the results have been much promising.

Mode of Action

Pterostilbene acts as a regulator of glucose and lipid metabolism in the body as a whole but especially in the nerve cells. The body has to have a specific amount of energy in it to work efficiently and this energy is obtained by metabolizing the lipids and glucose in the body. Pterostilbene regulates the amount of energy produced in the body hence improving the functionality of the brain as it needs just the right amount of energy. The main benefit of using pterostilbene is that it can cross the protective barriers of the brain and act on a cellular level.


The people using the supplement on a regular basis have shown the following effects

  • More active mind and better ability to focus than the people who did not use it
  • Increased memory and cognitive abilities
  • Better coordination in the body and the ability to perform higher and more demanding motor functions
  • Aging of the nerve cells (a phenomenon that decreases the mental abilities with time) slows down with the use of the supplement
  • The people using this supplement have reported they can work better under stress and when they are tired
Side Notes

Sulbutiamine is simply a derivative of vitamin B and has no adverse effects. Over-dosage may result in hypervitaminosis, a condition where the body has more vitamins in it than it actually needs. The substance must not be consumed in amounts more than those indicated in the literature coming with it. It has a half-life of 2-3 hours in the blood stream of a normal adult after which it is broken down in the liver and disposed of via urine by the kidneys. The supplement gives best results when used in accordance with the instructions.

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